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Fiber-Optic foR Environmental SEnsEing (FORESEE) Project


Spectrogram of a concert recorded on channel 140, and during a short window across many channels

This is a dark-fiber seismic array that has been continuously running under the Penn State campus since April 2019. We are focusing on studying the near-surface hydrology and geohazards in this area, while improving general methodology for passive imaging with dense fiber arrays in urban areas. More information about this project, and more publications related to this project, can be found at the official project team page..


"Lighting up the subsurface for tomorrow's city: initiating a Penn State DAS array for monitoring geo/environmental hazards," Seed grant through Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, Aug. 2019 - Aug. 2020, PI: Tieyuan Zhu (Penn State, Geosciences), Co-PIs: Eileen Martin (Virginia Tech, Mathematics), Andy Nyblade (Penn State, Geosciences), Patrick Fox (Penn State, Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Publications Involving Martin Group Members

Tieyuan Zhu, Eileen R. Martin, Junzhu Shen, 2019, “New Signals in Massive Data Acquired by Fiber Optic Seismic Monitoring Under Pennsylvania State University“, Submitted to SEG/EAGE Smart City Geophysics workshop, Dec 10-12 2019, Singapore Download PDF